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Medical Tapes and bandages play a very important role in the support of various wounds and injuries. It is a vital component in any health aid kit. Tapes are used in a range of medical conditions from helping reduce swelling, relieving muscle pain, protecting wounds, providing support to wounds, as dressings and also in fixation of devices. There are a wide variety of surgical, medical tapes available and used for a variety of medical and surgical applications, including cloth, paper, pressure sensitive and for fixation of devices.

Benefits of Tapes:

  • Helps in reducing pain, swelling and inflammation
  • Gives continues support to the injured area
  • Protects the wound area from infection and bacteria
  • Secures wound dressing
  • Easy application
  • Helps in free range of movement without causing any restriction or hindrance
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1 Compression Tapes
2 ET Tube Dressing (Endotracheal Tube dressing)
3 Hypo Allergenic Paper Tapes
4 Fixation Tapes